Newer introduction (An update of current events)

Hello everyone,

Since the last time I introduced myself on my blog, school was just starting for me, I was still in search of a job, and I was currently living in Adairsville. I am now a Junior in school, a team leader at Chick-fil-a, and I have moved to Marietta (with my amazing wife).

Speaking of wife, we just got married on January 5th and it has been a crazy but exciting time for us. Our wedding was perfect (besides my issues with my weight), and we were able to have a nice getaway to the mountains right before I started back at Reinhardt University. It has been a hard and stressful time while getting to our wedding day, but now the stresses are of a different nature and creep up from day to day. I am happy to have finally married my friend who has gotten me past these many struggles and supports me beyond amazement.

I am currently working towards a bigger promotion at work and that is perhaps the largest parts of my stress. I try to move forward two steps but then it seems to go another step backwards. I have helped the store to continue to grow, but the stagnancy of my own growth at work, is what has been personally affecting my emotions and stress levels. There are things in motion to try and move forward, and I will see how things go over the next few weeks.

I have been working with several other students to get the Kappa Pi society up and running again. As their current and new president, I am working on many different things and feel overwhelmed at times, but once everything gets going, I am sure things will roll much smoother.

I am working on several projects in my other art classes. I am working on three different acrylic pieces, a new digital art piece, and will soon move on to applying calligraphy ink with a bamboo pen onto watercolor paper. I will try and create a new space at home for when I need to work on art and school projects. Currently, I work from my living room and cross my fingers for inspiration.

These are many things that are currently going on in my life. Some exciting things, some stressful things, but everything that lets me know I am alive. I do enjoy my life at the moment, but have hope that I can move forward at work, get to senior at school, keep Kappa Pi rolling along, and go on my true honeymoon with my wife this summer. Life can be good, you just have to stay positive.

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