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1.) Censorship Speaking freely in China is very difficult, but to hear people speaking out in the Hunan province via twitter, shows some change occurring. The world is majorly different in China versus the U.S and freedoms are hard or non-existent. This is good to see that there might be a possibility of change.

2.) Gaming Systems It’s hard to realize things in your own country is something you cannot get in another country. Seeing that things are slowly changing in the republic of China, and getting to play Halo or Uncharted will be a big change to the country itself.

3.) Steven Chow – Journey to the West Ever see Kung-Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, or CJ7? Steven Chow is a amazingly talented artist and to see him come back with a major success once again in China is always amazing to see. I hope we get a limited release here of his film, otherwise, I will definitely be purchasing this when it is released on Blu-Ray.

4.) Zhang Yimou One of my favorite directors of all time. Zhang Yimou can direct any type of film and can show the struggle in war, romance, and fantastical martial arts. He is being honored in Serbia, for his lifetime of filmaking. I know that Pam Wilson enjoys his films as well, so I decided to post this.

5.) Year of the Snake (Chinese New Year) Being a student, gives me a huge desire to be here during this moment. To see students from other countries celebrating the Chinese New Year is a great moment that I am sure they are happy to be a part of and will never forget.

6.) Beijing Film Festival 2013 260 films to debut over the span of a little over 1 week, From April 15-23 2013, showing in many different theaters in China. In attendance at the press conference, held on January 21, 2013, was director James Cameron. There is an official listing of all 260 films to be screened and more info will be released as each film is seen. I am rather excited about this due to the amount I am learning in 2 different classes about China and Asia.

7.) Chinese Domestic Film Release There are two valid points in this article about a Chinese comedy film released domestically in the U.S. It signifies that our culture (The Hangover) is in turn influencing theirs. The film was released in China from a small production house and in turn made a significant amount of money and taking away, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, top spot in Chinese cinemas. The problem with films such as this getting a domestic release, is the fact that even though it might be successful in China, does not mean it will in fact do well in America. This hurts Chinese film releases in America when success does not come to all foreign releases.

8.) Film Censorship Censorship can be hard hitting. Even when it is a major film release that is respected worldwide and has been nominated for an Oscar. James Bond is no different from any other film to have been re-edited by the Chinese censors prior to a release in their country. Most times, it is reference to scenes shot in China itself. In the past, strict rules by the Chinese government keeps many films to be released in China. There used to be only an annual allowance of 20 releases per year and has been increased to 34.

9.) New Film Directors I love the idea of taking a low-budgeted film and giving it to a first time, or new director to give them a shot at the big screen business. The idea of China wanting light-hearted comedies rather than heavy handed epics is good to hear about. It shows that every now and again, we need things to help out with the bad that might surround us. Plus I absolutely enjoy both Chinese and British comedies more-so than our own American style comedies. They just feel a lot more “fluffy”.

10.) Dublin Chinese Film Festival The Years of Ireland and China converge into one awesome festival. The Year of the Snake is a big deal and the serendipity of our school having both Ireland last year China this year makes the significance of the Dublin Chinese New Year FIlm Festival really cool.

11.) Michelle Yeoh Sunshine, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Tomorrow Never Dies actress Michelle Yeoh will be honored at the Asian Film Awards in March with the Career Achievement Award. My favorite film out of these three I introduced is Sunshine where she starred as a Botanist sent on a mission to re-ignite a dying sun, directed by Danny Boyle.

12.) Wong Kar-Wai Interview Wong Kar-Wai is an amazing director. Most well known for Chungking Express and my personal favorite Fallen Angels. Much like his fellow director Zhang Yimou, he has taken the task as not only a director, but now a Martial Arts director. With his new film “The Grandmasters” releasing, he is now delving into the world of Martial Arts Grandmasters.

13.) Streaming Blockbuster Releases In a reference to a previous article I had posted about foreign films released in China, there is a strong possibility of streaming media of foreign films on many platforms. If this happens, it will help out with cutting down on piracy and allow distributors to make profits on films.

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