Catastrophic relationships and circumstance (Before the Rain)

Before the Rain is a film produced in 1994 and it is a three part story that brings together a story of relationships and the impact each part has on the people that surround them.

We have the first part, named Words, which is about a character named Kiril and his vow of silence he has in a monastery in Macedonia. The story builds a relationship with one of the Monks as well as a girl named Zamira, who has been accused of murder and is hiding from the people searching for her. The other monks find that he has been hiding her and sends him away with Zamira. During their getting away, Zamira’s grandfather and brother finds them both. During an argument, the bother ends up shooting and killing Zamira.

In part two, named Faces, the main focus is on a woman named Anne who lives in London as a photo editor. She is a married woman to a man named Nick, but has an affair with a war photographer named Aleksander. The relationship between Anne and Aleksander dissolves. During the story, it is established that she is now pregnant, supposedly with Nick’s child and during a dinner together with Nick, she states she wants a divorce. Along with this argument going on, a fight between two other people turns into gunshots being fired and Anne’s husband being shot and killed during this moment.

In part three, Pictures, the film goes back to Macedonia but this time, with Aleksander heading back home after a 16 year hiatus. It shows references to the first story with Zamira and the people who are searching for her, which are shown to be relatives of Aleksander. The story presents Aleksander having a past relationship to Zamira’s mother and that their is a conflict between the two different families. In the end, after Zamira is accused of murder, Zamira’s mother asks Aleksander to save her daughter as if she was his own. In the end, as Aleksander is trying to save Zamira, Aleksander is shot and killed by one of his own family members.

In each of the parts of the film, it shows tragic circumstances that happen between each relationship in the story. There is death rampant in this film and it encompasses each part with terrible circumstances to deal with.

In the first part, with Kiril seeing Zamira dying after being cast out of the monastery is the tragic circumstances. Her stating to her family that Kiril loves her even though they speak different languages is strong and pushes both the softer side for the audience; and the anger moment from her grandfather and brother.

In the second part, Anne has both an affair and marriage that is destroyed by death and circumstances. The relationship dissolves from Aleksander because he quit being a photographer and wants to live a simpler life in Macedonia. This is something that Anne can not do at this moment because of her relationship with her husband Nick. The tragedy with Nick is that they fight with each other in a restaurant and she proclaims she wants a divorce. In the background, an Albanian and Macedonian argue with one another and it turns into a fight. The Macedonian leaves and comes back with a gun and starts shooting people. In the end, Nick was shot and killed and Anne is left to deal with that situation.

For the third and final part of the tragic relationships, it is about Aleksander and his reconnection with his homeland. He tries to reconnect with past relationships but as he is doing so, a conflict involving the two families come into play and someone ends up dead, and the supposed culprit is the daughter of an Albanian woman who was once friends with Aleksander. The daughter, Zamira, has been caught and is being held by Aleksanders family. He ends up going to try and save Zamira at the request of the mother, but is shot in the back as Zamira ends up running off and the beginning of the first story unfolds once more.

The circle of this film is about relationships and what occurs within them. Things seem to go into a circle pattern with some sci-fi aspects of unexplainable instances with each of the stories. In the end, the story shows that life goes in a circle with each moment having hapiness and tragedy built into them.

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  1. gregory moss says:

    Sounds fascinating! I’ll have to track it down. 🙂

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