What makes a film brilliant? Why and how do certain films capture our hearts and minds?

Through all the pain and dopiness I have had throughout the weekend, I was still able to enjoy the film Prof. Wilson directed us to watch, Metropolis. I have always wanted to see this film, due to its impact it has had on film throughout history. I always want to see movies that change the way people view films and with something like Metropolis, you can surely see it. It is a magnificent spectacle with amazing set pieces, overdramatic characters, great effects for its era, and the music. Each of these things helped make the impact of a very old film substantial. These are things that draw me into a brilliant film. What I got from this film is that it can be old and a silent film, but still get your mind swallowing the enticing food it is giving you. The movie tends to be slow at first and you feel like it is going to go on like this for a long time, but it ends up drawing you in and keeps things moving at a fairly decent pace.

All of these things it shows us what it takes for a film to be brilliant. It has to be all facets coming together at the same time to have a passion for the material and objects of what they are creating. It can not just be the actor who brings a film together. It has to be the director, cinematographer, editor, composer, etc. All these things came together quite well for metropolis and you can see why this movie is still talked about for generations.

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