J.D. and Turkleton Rule the Universe (Media Realism)

I have been up late this evening watching clips of one of my all time favorite shows, Scrubs. I got into the series around 2007 when my daughter was born and It was my go to show for late night feedings with her. Scrubs was always on somewhere, on some channel. I fell in love with it as time went by, I own 8 out of 9 of the seasons on DVD, and seen most episodes 4 or 5 times each. The show is definitely a comedy, but within the walls of a comedy is some really serious life issues. I consider it very “real” to me due in part of how the show has gotten me through some rough parts in my life by seeing how the characters on the show handle their problems. I won’t go into the characters much, but I will type out the scenario and place a clip to follow with it.

In this clip, it shows how someone is affected by hardships in life, but have to not let things affect their life because if they do, it can have a detrimental effect in their life. This is an episode about three patients who received organ transplants and then something goes wrong. I promise things get better after this, but the impact show through the actors eyes tell me that this truly means something to them, that what is going on affects them. This is powerful in life, because we all have tragedy, but how does each person cope with it?

Another clip that shows at first to be very unrealistic, but helps to provide an idea of drama  in a lighter tone. The drama first occured at the end of the first season and this is the opening of the second season, helped along with Colin Hay, with a song called My Overkill. This is my favorite episode. I like how each character deals, copes, and avoids their problems and this is something we have all done at some point.

This clip is how some people deal with death when it is close to them. Brendan Fraser is guest starring as Dr. Cox’s friend who has leukemia. I know its a sad idea to place upon people, but this is definitely something we will experience and it helped me a lot, especially when my grandfather died in 2010. I still get emotional when watching the show.

Lastly, I am just going to post a video of some of the funny moments in scrubs because the drama parts of life can be heavy and Scrubs did bring the funny for several years. By the way “Hooch is crazy!” Thanks, and if I need to place more examples, I will be more than happy to.

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