The Effect of Media on Children (An Interview)

This weekend, I had the chance to interview a friend of mine on her view of media on their child. She does happen to be the mother of my daughter, but does have a separate view on concerns on media for children.

So here we go….

Me: First off, thank you so much for your time with this mini interview and for my first question, I would like to ask; How do you determine what your child may or may not watch, for how long, etc.?

Lisa: I prefer that my daughter only watch what is on the networks Sprout, Nick Jr., and Nick Toons. Sometimes she feels that anything that is “animated” is for kids and I have to explain that sometimes there are cartoons for older people because they say “bad words” and she can’t watch things like that, so i steer her clear of shows like “adult swim”,”king of the hill”, “South Park”, and “Family Guy”.

Me: What about the types of movies you allow her to watch or that she might have access to?

Lisa: I allow my daughter to watch almost every disney animated movie such as Lady and the Tramp, Robin Hood, and Fox and the Hound. These are family oriented movies so we can all enjoy them. She also has access to these both in the home and while we’re driving somewhere because our vehicles have DVD players in them.

 Me: What media products do you consider good or healthy for your child, and which ones are you concerned about?

Lisa: My daughter has access to television and the internet through either her laptop or Nintendo 3DS. She enjoys going to YouTube to watch lion king movie clips but if something else catches her eye, she will click on it and when she hears a bad word, she knows she has to get off the video immediately. There are a lot of games that she plays on the internet like Monkey Quest, Webkins, and Wizard 101. These are ok for her to engage in because they teach her about counting, teamwork and making friends.

Me: What do you worry about most with her being so connected to the different types of media?

Lisa: What I worry most is that she may be exposed to something that is not age appropriate for her which could cause her to immitate something or say something that is not acceptable for a 4 year old.

Fairly straightforward on the responses, no big surprises except that a four year old does own a Nintendo 3DS. Being able to monitor and understand what your child sees or plays is very important. Being oblivious is not the sensible thing to do.

See you all later.

Gerald Haag

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