Quick Conclusions and Stereotypes

I have decided to choose a few general stereotypes that pop up in my head from time to time. Having an initial perception of someone is fantastic, because if you decide to learn more about that person, you get to be surprised of all initial thoughts you might have had (or confirmed). This is how we build on our socialism and communication; by breaking down stereotype by furthering our knowledge. If you start reading my examples and think I am being mean or rude, this is not my intent. My intention is to break away from the judgement my brain is giving me, so I can form a better look at others. So here are a few of my examples… 

Perceptions of Social Class: People driving Jaguars or Mercedes (I feel the stereotyping of someone who feels entitled) Or someone who may be driving a SUV and does not use a turn signal to let anyone coming over is someone else I start to have a bad stereotype about. I don’t even know the person, yet I find myself saying they’re the worst people ever and they are rude and don’t deserve to drive. Then I calm down and realize that there may be circumstances behind the persons motives, quick decisions, or possible inconsiderate notions.

Intelligence: The general stereotype that used to be of nerds was at one point, someone who wore pocket protectors, glasses and flooding pants. This was bound to my brain growing up due to the Revenge of the Nerds movie and also made me hesitant at wearing glasses myself as a kid (fear of being called a nerd was slightly comparable to bullying back in the 80s, just watch Sixteen Candles). A lot of these stereotypes have been squashed in present day, which is awesome, because we ALL have a little nerdiness in us. In some way, shape, or form.

Body Art: Typically with people who have a varying range of tattoos covering their body, I lead myself to believe them to be tough, badass, and wanting to fight against the system; which some may say Anarchists. Body art in the past was prominently considered more taboo than it is today. Before you had to do tattoo art for one another. Now you can drive a block and find a tattoo parlor right around the corner (sarcasm). Tattoos are still not fully accepted in society and a lot of people will and are still against them. A part of me agrees that taste is what matters, but the artistic side says that tattoos are art, in which that means; it is always subjective.

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