A Fine Line Between Two Halves (To what degree am I a Digital Native)

I suppose if I were to figure what level of a  Digital Native I am, I think somewhere in between Native and Immigrant, which as stated by Palfrey & Gasser in the article Born Digital, I was born at the beginning of the “Digital Native” era. I was brought up listening to the radio, records, tapes, and watching movies on VHS. I remember many different facets of old technology. To this day, I still own a (functional) VHS player along with several tapes. I also love to collect older movie soundtrack records, along with jazz and big band albums. To this, it makes me think I may be somewhat of a “Digital Immigrant”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love typing away on this blog, uploading art to my DeviantART website, checking Facebook, watching Netflix, and listening to digital music at anytime. I am excited anytime new technology comes out and I am tremendously fascinated with me having a chance to play and learn new things.

With all the technology though, I think we forget a lot about our past. Yes, we can always look up online what our past was about, but what about the sounds a record makes as it is playing, this tiny constant rubbing against something, but how some of the instruments and voices sound are something to be admired. The idea of knowing where you started from and got to, is something that we as a growing society, should want to tangibly hold in your hands. Play with the past to see where we are at, and where we are going.

I believe Henry Jenkins article (most of it, anyways) in Reconsidering Digital Immigrants, says that the titles given to this new digital reference is “like all metaphors helps us see some aspects of the world clearly while masking others.” This statement tells me the titles given could be misconstrued or too “Black and White” for my taste. Where is the grey tone? The one’s that wish to include both the classic technology and practices of the way the world; To be in the same line of the new technologies and advancements in our current way of knowledge gathering. I make this statement without research because I read 2 articles showing the advantage of these new titles and 1 that gave us a perpendicular idea that could be construes as a negative, or more frightening perspective in younger adults and older adults.

These are just my interpretations of what I see and feel for in life.

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2 Responses to A Fine Line Between Two Halves (To what degree am I a Digital Native)

  1. Shawn Lind says:

    I agree, there is nothing like the nostalgia of a record player. Especially when listening to the classics.

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