What is Media Literacy?

This morning I am currently researching what media literacy is and what are some things to ask in becoming more “media literate”. The first thing that pulls up for me when asking the question “Why is media literacy important?”, is a website like this, that gave me a listing of at least 30 links to some valuable knowledge on media literacy.

I’m not a person who fully understood what media literacy meant prior to this class and once you get yourself involved with it, you realize we are a part of media literacy in ways we have not even though of. Getting people, especially older generations, to become more media literate is more about the way the world functions. We function with technology, even if older people may not have complete grasp on the technology in their hands, they do have it there. Like cell phones (not smart phones), older computers, wireless home phones, and ads on televisions talking about websites and other technology. I have always stated that “repetition brings familiarity”, and with that, an understanding of what we want to figure out.

A few questions to ask about becoming more literate could be:

What do people say about media literacy?

What is the actual definition of media literacy?

Where can I go to understand technology better?

All these things lead to information to further our knowledge. Some things people don’t want to learn more about, but I think whether we like it or not, technology and media are here to stay and growing at a rapid succession that most of us are unable to grasp.

Try these websites out for a better understanding of what I have just discussed:

Media Literacy: Education for a Technological Age

Why Study the Media? Thoughts from John Culkin

Media Literacy: Digital Exclusion and Older People (PDF format AGE-Platform)

Thanks and see you next blog

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