A Little About Myself

     First off, I’m a bit of a dreamer with a wonderfully wild imagination that sometimes gets carried away in seemingly unattainable ways.  Growing up, I never believed that I would have the chance to follow my “foolish” dreams.  So instead I held my head down and fit in to the atypical “productive member of society” mold.  And what could be more productive then working in the banking industry.  After nearly ten years of a career in banking, the bank layoffs of 2009 hit.  Living a life of unemployment, uncertainty, depression, and without direction certainly allowed for a lot of time for self reflection.  With clarity and a great opportunity, I decided to follow my “foolish” dreams.

So what are my dreams and why are they so “foolish”?  Well to many onlookers I would be called the quintessential nerd.  My knowledge of cartoons, comic books, films,video games, and (et al., etc., so on, and so forth) was as vast as my ever growing bluray collection.  This world also helped shape the man.  My dreams were coming into focus as my focus turned to art.  My passion of art was becoming my reality in life.  So in layman’s terms, I like to draw and I’m damn good at it.

Pursuing a life in art is all I want at this moment. It is who I am and through college, I am working towards being a person who will sell my name as a business in something I love, rather than having a career in something I would have never loved.

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One Response to A Little About Myself

  1. Pam Wilson says:

    There’s nothing more exciting to me than finding someone with a great passion, and so I feel honored to meet you and am looking forward to getting to know you better and to exploring the world of ideas and art and media with you, Gerald. I’m so glad that you’re in this class!

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